energy control center

Do you have everything under control?

If you are responsible for operating or providing service and maintenance for power plants, the energy service portal is your solution. The energy control center is a parallel-running SCADA system that can monitor all generating plants regardless of the manufacturer. You can constantly watch all of your plants to ensure that they are operating interference-free. Furthermore, you can easily create monthly, quarterly or annual reports for your clients. Moreover, the energy control center lets you export technical data from your plant into Excel files, which can then be further processed into business-related figures.

Due to the modern software architecture, data is no longer at risk of being lost in the event of communication failure.

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Up-to-the-second live data

No data gaps

Adaptable during operation

Data available on mobile terminals (smart phones or tablets)

Easily scalable

Easy integration within economic administrative software

Strong partner network via Siemens

Usage of high quality hardware components

Possibility of purchasing, financing or hosting

No running license fees

After purchasing the hardware, software and installation from ee-technik, there are no running costs. For a monthly fee per generating unit, we can also host all hardware and software for you.

The licensing costs are only a small part of the total cost. Since each generating plant is unique, we prefer talking about project costs rather than licensing costs.

The energy control center is based on the idea of distributed systems. In each park, a computer system is installed to read and store the data from the generating plant via an interface. A master computer—usually located at the operator’s office—is installed, which is connected to every computer on the wind farms.

Through a modern and secure firewall, in order to create point-to-point connections (VPN).

All common interfaces can be used, such as:

  •     IEC 61400-25
  •     IEC 60870-5-104
  •     OPC DA / UA / AE
  •     Modbus

If a default interface is not available, a converter can also be installed.

Yes. Reports can be created using resources tools, such as Excel Addin, BIRT or Crystal Report.

That’s up to you! Either you can create them by yourself or we can easily do it for you as well.

The data is stored in the computer database on site and will be available again as soon as the connection has been restored.

We will establish a connection using one of our two solutions—either via mobile radio connection or satellite-based DSL connection.

Yes. As all commercial programs work with standard databases, which are accessed by the energy service portal database. The energy control center lets you write commercial and technical data in external databases, e.g. in economic administrative software.