Protection technology

In the field of renewable energies, our clients benefit from our professional knowledge. Our compact test system checks protection settings for generating units such as wind turbines, photovoltaic parks and biomass power plants, as well as the setting of the QU protection device at the grid connection point. We conduct parameterization of the QU protection devices during the test. This ensures that your protective equipment meets the requirements of the grid operator according to FGW TR 8. For the statement of conformity, we show the compliance of the settings with the current guidelines for protective equipment by our protection test protocol. According to FGW TR8, this protocol must be submitted to the certifier for the statement of conformity.

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Grid protection is designed to prevent errors in the grid, e.g. overcurrent, overvoltage or undervoltage, and frequencies that are too high or too low. These must be quickly and reliably detected (without over or under function), and then disconnect the corresponding faulty grid segment from the supply grid. Thus, the undisturbed operation of the remaining supply grid is guaranteed, while the immediate damage to people and equipment, as well as indirect damage such as production losses, is limited.

Protection for the power generation plant and the power generation unit is often carried out via multi-functional protective devices which combine several protective functions, among others overcurrent protection, decoupling protection, QU-protection. The protective equipment should be installed in accordance with TR8 by the power supply company (PSC) and parameterized by means of a power protection test that is checked locally, according to specifications. According to the VDN directive for digital protection systems, regular checks are also necessary.

For a modern grid protection test, computer-controlled protection technology is connected with the protective device in power generation plant and the power generation unit. Through the optimized test processes, which take place in the testing device, network errors are stimulated. With this procedure, the current parameters and the function of the grid protection relay are remeasured. The result is recorded in a clear manner and adapted to the certification requirements. Documentation will be provided to the operator or the operating manager.

For the declaration of conformity, you must prove the functionality of the protective devices at your plant. We provide you with this proof via our power protection test.  Safety gaps in the grid can quickly become a major financial and safety risk, so you should repeat the testing procedure every four years, as is recommended by the VDN directive.