Hybrid Controller

More efficient feed-in

When generating systems from various manufacturers share a common grid connection point, an EPC (energy power control) unit is required. Our solution, the distributed power generation systems (Hybrid Controller), fulfills all standard requirements of network operators, as well as the requirements of technical guideline FGW TR 8. The Hybrid Controller is a manufacturer-independent EPC unit for controlling the active and reactive power. Without a solution addressing this issue, there will be a risk of losing feed-in tariff entitlements.

Modern control system architecture enables remote access to the Hybrid Controller over a secure web-based interface.

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The Hybrid Controller provides:

precise control of the real power at the grid connection point

optimally controlled reactive power

compliance with the network-specific requirements

measuring and recording of all the events at the grid connection point

compliance with specifications in the FGW TR8 guidelines

An EPC unit is required for any renewable energy project in Germany with feed-in power greater than 1 MW.

For power plants, such as wind farms with various manufacturers


for power plants requiring a compensation system.


for power plants in high voltage grids.

Then you usually get no system certification and lose EEG feed-in entitlements.

In grid connections with high and medium voltage, in heterogeneous and homogeneous wind farm, in PV parks and mixed renewable power plant (i.e. wind farm and solar parks that share the same grid connection point).

  • The responsible park managers will be notified by e-mail and/or via text message.
  • The power plants receive the corresponding target values.
  • All operations and shutdowns are stored in the history.

Yes. The Hybrid Controller meets all requirements of the TR8 technical directive, as well as the requirements of power utilities.

Ja, ein Komponentenzertifikat gem. TR 8 Rev. 7 ist vorhanden. Das Deckblatt zum Zertifikat können Sie sich hier anschauen.

We offer you a holistic overview of the project, as well as support for the duration of the project phase. Furthermore, we would also be glad to help you with planning and to provide support for FGW TR 8 certification.

The first successful example is the Löwenstedt substation In November 2013. ee technik equipped it with four Hybrid Controllers, which each control the 110/30kV voltage level for a 50/63 MVA transformer.

Additional exemplary projects can be found in our list of references here.

We will establish a connection using one of our two solutions—either via mobile radio connection or satellite-based DSL connection.