Island grid Controller

Independence through our self-sufficient EPC unit

In order to provide a constant and stable power supply for the consumer, the Island grid Controller is needed. For example, the self-sufficient energy system could consist out of wind turbines, a battery storage system and diesel generators. The controller is open to any technology and controls what´s needed.

The monitoring system of the controller checks constantly the actual situation on the grid. The controller detects if there is an overrun or a lack of power on the grid, due to the measured values for frequency and voltage.
Furthermore, the controller gives you information about the actual available power of the different sources installed. The Island grid Controller uses a variety of common transmission protocols. Therefore, different power sources from different manufacturers can be combined to a standalone system.

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Our Island grid Controller controls:

Wind power

Solar power

Block heat and power plants

Battery storage systems

Var Compensation

An Island grid controller is needed for microgrids in order to keep them stable and efficient.

Due to the use of common standards our Island grid Controller is highly flexible.

Yes. The Island grid Controller meets all requirements of the TR8 technical directive, as well as the requirements of power utilities.